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Morning Drop Off

Doors are open at 7:00 a.m. There are two ways to enter the building each morning: drop off on Darlington Ave.  and come in the front door or drop off on the north side in the parking lot.  When dropping off in parking lot, please PULL ALL THE WAY down to the east doors.  Your child may exit anywhere along the sidewalk.  There are adults and safety patrols that will help your child get in the building and where they need to go.  Please stay in your vehicle in order to keep the traffic flowing.  However, if your child is unprepared to hop out of the car when pulling up to east doors, please take a moment to park and help them gather their belongings.  Our goal is to keep cars from backing up on 23rd street, it gets very congested.  Always feel free to park in the parking lot and walk your child inside the building.  

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Susan Thornton
Attendance Clerk