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Committee reviewing the use of Native American mascots and impact on our students

There is an ongoing nationwide conversation occurring around the use of mascots with Native American imagery and terms. From school districts to universities to professional sports teams there is active engagement to review the use of these mascots and to understand the concerns regarding cultural appropriation and the impacts of Native American mascots on our youth. Based on our commitment to Equity as a core value and along with the Board of Education and encouragement from our Indian Education Parent Committee we have opened this conversation with our own community.

Across this school year, we have begun engaging with two of our school communities about their school mascots: the Webster Warrior and the Central Brave. This work is being led by a community committee made up of representatives from each school including parents, students, and staff, alumni from the schools, community members, and members of our Indian Education parent committee.

The purpose of this committee is to educate, listen, and learn from communities most impacted by the use of Native American mascots and to seek understanding of the schools and their histories in regard to the mascots. Ultimately the committee will make a single recommendation to present to the Board of Education to either maintain or remove Native American mascots from our schools.

For questions or additional information regarding the Mascot Review Committee, please contact Jamaal Dyer, committee facilitator.